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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm ready to scrap my car what do I do now?

Contact ScrapMyCarForCash.com by telephone on 0800 999 7007 or complete the web form above and leave us to dispose or remove that unwanted vehicle.

What do I need to provide when my used or scrap vehicle is collected?

  • Keys
  • Locking wheel nut
  • V5 documentation and any other paperwork, e.g. servicing book

How do I receive payment for my vehicle?

We can pay you in cash, cheque or bank transfer based on your preference. Due to new legilsation we are no longer able to pay cash for scrap vehicles. Please advise us on your preferred means of payment prior to your appointment.

I’ve lost my V5 log book, what do I need to do?

This is not a problem; it just means that you will be required to complete a vehicle surrender form. You can download it here.

Do I have to prepare my vehicle prior to my appointment?

Take out any personal belongings, gather any paperwork for the vehicle and remove any house keys etc. from your vehicle key ring. Please note that we cannot accept any house or garden waste in the vehicle.

What do I need to do with the V5 registration document for my vehicle?

Our collection driver will complete all the necessary paperwork for your used car or scrap vehicle.

Do I have to inform the DVLA?

All you will need to do is sign and date Section 9 (V5C/3) of your V5 document and post this to DVLA Swansea, SA99 1BD.

What is a waste carriers license?

Any business which transport waste must obtain a license from the Environmental Ageny. Be weary of scrap collection companies which are not registered. You can find more information on the official Environmental Agency website.

Do you have a waste carriers license?

Yes, we are registered with Environmental Agency and are waste carriers license number is CB/BM3240UM

Why are the scrap prices different for different vehicles?

Cars and vans come in all shapes and sizes, ultimately the value of scrap is based on weight, so the heavier the vehicle the more you will be paid.